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About Us

Who should we be in this unforgiving, aggressive, and adventurous world that we live in? Ourselves of course, and ourselves we shall be, unapologetically. Founded in 2022 by our Editor in Chief Ross Kent. Happily Ever Queer allows individuals to immerse themselves in a world where everyone feels accepted and free to express themselves.


Happily Ever Queer prides itself on creating long-lasting, memorable content that is highly addictive. We’re on a mission to create a community space that is safe from judgment and prejudice.

The Happily Ever Queer community will include everything bright and colourful. From helping those who are thinking about taking their first gigantic steps out of that mundane wooden closet, to a queer couple that has spent the last 30 years happily committed to each other but also not forgetting everything else in between. So why not explore our space that provides comfort? Our content will stretch far and wide, being inclusive of the people, our people, their beliefs, choices, and stories.



Happily Ever Queer

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